The area of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has become the indispensable part of our business activities. We focus on design, configuration and deployment of complete GIS solutions ranging from simple embedded applications up to high available complex enterprise architectures. We are able to provide background visualization data for the system according to customer’s needs. In addition, the portfolio of our GIS solutions also covers various specific areas such as real-time assets monitoring, fleet systems and electronic toll systems.

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mOBEC introduces a geographical information system designed for municipalities. It is based on digital map documents that are connected with data required by a municipality (e.g. maps of land registry, streetlights, bus connections, municipal services etc.).


The solution is provided via web application where all data will be safely stored with us.

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Map server

Map server (MSOL) represents a complex modular solution for building GIS applications and proving GIS services. Solution primary part, the server, provides client oriented services. From the whole service package a client can choose a subset of services that can be modified according to a client‘s requirements. MSOL offers means of guided access, monitoring devices, statistics and SLA support. The solution is of a wide scale.

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