Toll Systems

ET Mediation

Electronic Toll (ET) Mediation is an application gateway enabling real-time data processing, evaluation, monitoring, visualization, traffic management and optimizations for the Electronic Tolling System (ETS). ET Mediation is highly customizable to fulfill special dedicated tasks in particular ETS deployment.

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ET Calculator

Electronic Toll (ET) Calculator is a sophisticated graphical application similar to route planners that allow informative toll calculation for a given route. ET Calculator contains specialized engines that handle multiple geo models and tariff schemes (road infrastructure, tolled segments locations and their tariffication can vary depending on the day of the trip).

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ET Proxy

Electronic Toll (ET) Proxy is a system that enables the operation of On Board Units (OBUs) from several producers in parallel in one ETS. The OBUs may be built on different technologies (DSRC or satellite with GPRS based toll collection). The system offers unified OBU management, data handling and visualization.

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